Saturday, 7 April 2007

Back to Koh Chang Again!

We've just got back to the village after another week on Koh Chang. What more can I say about this island in words, so this time I'm trying to say it with photos. The images are corny, classic tropical scenes often coming close to cliche, but then why not when beauty is in such abundance here.

Anyway,the pictures reflect our holiday... driving to the far end of the island by day to find the places it's hard for tourism to despoil, confronting a wooden plea for personal hygiene on a jungle path to a water-free waterfall, taking boat trips snorkelling to see 'bplah cartoon'... and actually finding Nemo, the clown fish... and finally every evening, lazing horizontal at Sabay Bar listening to the Phillipino band while drinking Leo beer out of the bottle and watching the waiters strip down to their loin cloths and become inexhaustible fire dancers in the surf.

It was an exhausting holiday and now we're busy de-sanding everything and getting back to normal life, if ever life here can be normal.

But then perhaps normality is rare in the things that happen to me. A few days ago I was pleased to bump into an engaging farang who sings at one of the bars behind the beach. Last time we were there, he'd taken a copy of 'Thai Girl' off me and nervously as always, I now asked for the verdict. He told me two things... that he'd spent many years on and off in Thailand and had never tangled with Thai women until recently, and that 'Thai Girl' had taught him just so much about that mysterious and important subject. His compliments added a warm glow to the Leo beer, though I find all of what he said quite amazing, incredible even. With rewards like this, my life is brilliant but certainly it could hardly be called normal.

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