Monday, 25 January 2010

Jack Reynolds Again - Naming Names

Hardly a day goes by when I don't discover something more about Jack Reynolds, Bangkok's 'grand old man of letters' and author of the novel, "A Woman of Bangkok", whose life I've been researching.

Yesterday I posted in my story below some more pictures about Jack with the introduction to my draft story of Jack's life. And I appealed for somebody to make contact with Jack's children for me.

Today I recieved an interesting article on The Friends Ambulance Unit from a friend in Austalia (Jack was with them during the war years), and I have also discovered the names of his children and some family photos. A good day all round.

These pictures show Jack at home in Sukhumvit soi 8 with his wife, Wanpenh Muthikul, their sons, David, Philip, Steven, Ben and Frank and their daughter, Chandra Meagan with her baby, Mark, Jack's first grandchild.

Jack is looking frail, is using a walking frame and his left ear is bandaged, presumably because of the cancer that was to end his life six months later in September 1984. It looks a happy family gathering, though sadly was probably one of his last.

I have now spent a lot of time tracing Jack's life and have discovered much about him. I would thus love to be able to share all this with his children. As one friend said to me, "They should be very proud of their father".

The married daughter (who worked in an art gallery in Petchaburi road) will have changed her name but the sons, I believe have the name Muthikul Jones.

So where are they now and how can I find them?

Please help!

Andrew Hicks The "Thai Girl" Blog January 2010


Anonymous said...

I found this at
"Steven Muthikul Jones
Thailand View works

Born in 1962, Steven Muthikul Jones has always had intimate ties with the Arts. Throughout his childhood days, he developed an interest in the Arts through his collection of art books by renowned artists. His father, being an author himself who both illustrated and sculpted as a hobby, encouraged and supported his interest.

In his teens, he took a more serious approach towards art by studying drawings, oil paintings and colour mixing techniques with two well-known Thailand artists, Uab Sanasaen and Vichit Chaiwong. It was during those years that he discovered his passion for sculpting, adopting the use of many different kinds of materials such as wood, clay and cement.

While studying for his Bachelor Degree in Political Science at Ramkamhaeng University, Bangkok, he worked for advertising firms as an illustrator, model mock-up artist, and also sculpted wood and clay models. He enjoyed producing models and mock-ups for filming advertisements.

He sculpted as a hobby and, at the same time, studied various forms of art movements and styles including Deco Art, Impressionism, Expressionism and Surrealism."


Anonymous said...

I also found:

Vol. II No. 41 Saturday October 11 - October 17, 2003

"Gong Dee Studios have a concurrent exhibition of sculpture from Steven Muthikul Jones. Born in Bangkok with a British father, Jack Reynolds (the author of the book ‘A woman of Bangkok’), Steven was influenced at a very young age by various collections of art books and was fully encouraged and supported by his father to follow his emotions. Steven was inspired during the three years he studied with Vichit Chaiwong and Uab Sanasaen to use different materials in his sculptures. The delicate bronzes are sold in a limited edition only."

I figure if they sold his art they might still know where to find him for you.

Thai Girl said...


Thanks so much for these.

I have in fact sent emails to both galleries but have had no response from them. A friend of a friend has promised to visit the gallery in Chiang Mai but hasn't so far and I can't push this.

(Could any reader in CM do this for me please?)

The other option is a serious search of the internet in Thai. I have asked for this to be done for me but again it needs another try.

Who can do this to move things forward?
Many thanks,


Thai Girl said...


Ignorant as I am of Facebook, I had never thought of it.

I have followed up this member's page and have found two of Jack's sons and a daughter and three grandchildren. If I get replies from them, then I guess the search is over.

They had to be out there somewhere!

Thanks a million.


Thai Girl said...

And two days ago I met Jack's widow and his eldest son and they were delightful and very pleased at my interest in Jack's writing.

We went through all the family photo albums together and as I write I have Jack's notebooks beside me.

Wow! All thanks to your tip off!