Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Jack Reynolds' China Blog is Out

Jack Reynolds, author of seminal Bangkok novel, A WOMAN OF BANGKOK, has just published his latest book, though he died way back in 1984.

Called, A TRUE FRIEND TO CHINA, the book is a collection of the newsletter articles he wrote while doing medical relief work in China in the dark days of the nineteen forties. Written for a tiny audience of his Friends Ambulance Unit colleagues and since lost and forgotten, I think it's some of his very best writing. With the day to day immediacy of a blog, it really gives you the feeling of what it was like to be there in a feudal, poverty stricken China, desperately facing civil war and facing revolutionary change. And his writing always sparkles and is funny and perceptive.

It's available in the USA at Quaker Books at Pendle Hill and online at www.quakerbooks.org. For other sales please contact me at arhicks56@hotmail.com.

See also www.fauchinaconvoy.blogspot.com for lots more pictures and find me on Facebook.

It's a truly great book which I can confidently say as I didn't write most of it and I took only about three of the 500 photos. 'Cos I wasn't there in 1940!

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