Sunday, 21 October 2007

A Handsome Race

It's strange how different communities have different standards when it comes to good looks and personal attraction. I can't get worked up about the Padaung's giraffe necks or African lip plugs and distended ear lobes but I know what I like.

While the Thais spend billions on skin whitening creams, we farang lie out in the sun to get a tan. While they crowd the clinics having a nose job to make theirs bigger and more European, we (me included) obsess about making ours smaller. It's a bit late for me to bother about taking an inch or two taken off mine, but anyway, why should I bother? They all love my beak as it is.

Cat's auntie, is called God (yes, she's named after Jesus's dad) and she's been staying with us in Bangkok. It's a big thing for her as she's a country mouse and has never been to Bangkok before. We took her in her ever first lift and on her first escalator and we also took her to the zoo. It was a hot day and the clouds were building. Then the heavens opened and we were lucky to be able to shelter in an amusement hall as the waters literally rose around us.

I had nothing to do as we waited for the rain but take some arbitrary pictures of the people around me. Most of the pics deserved to be binned, though the one at the top of a child in a play car with some women behind struck me as worth keeping. What fine profiles, what handsome people they are, the Thais.


Anonymous said...

it has been really frosty, then sunny and clear here. We sat up in the sunshine by the poet's stone and admired the South Downs. A

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