Wednesday, 21 November 2007

No Spitting, No Global Warming

These signs were snapped quite close to each other on the skywalk near to Central World Plaza and Mahboon Krong on Bangkok's spectacular Skytrain.

The Thais are not very conscious of environmental issues; it's more important just to get by, so it's good to see somebody pushing the point here about global warming.

There's a traditional habit based on a Chinese belief that as phlegm is a noxious effusion, you should never swallow it but should eject it accordingly. Frankly I've never seen urban Thais spitting publicly so the injunction not to spit seems hardly necessary. I like the notice though.

As for sitting, it should definitely be stamped out. Bangkok's a busy place and in perpetual motion, so sitting should clearly be discouraged.

There's plenty of opportunity for sitting back home in the village in the North East. For some people, that's about all they ever seem to do!

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