Friday, 9 November 2007

Sex And The City of Angels

Count the ladies!

Bangkok is sometimes called 'The City of Angels' though you'll have one devil of a job finding any angels. It's sometimes said that in this bizarre city half the women are pros and half the men cons, but the problem's telling them apart... I mean the women from the men that is. Trouble is they always have this wonderful sweet smile.

Never mind, mai pen rai; if you can't beat'em, join em... sod'em for Gomorrah you die. Yes, it can be a fun place as me and my friend Peter recently discovered late one night somewhere in the back streets of Bangkok.

The above pictures are the world's first 'Count the Ladies' competition. After you've had a shot at it, you'll find the correct answer if you scroll down and read the blog below, 'Illusion, Fantasy, Fleeting Images'.

These pics illustrate the story of what happened to us that night, with thanks and kind acknowlegements to Pete's photographer wife, Laylai.

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