Wednesday, 9 January 2008

All This And Cheese Too!

Back home in the village, I'm reviewing my photos of Koh Chang and couldn't resist posting a few more. They were taken on the trip I took on the wooden boat, the Thaifun.

It was a long day and we motored down to Koh Wai and Koh Mak, just as Ben did in one of the final chapters of "Thai Girl". It was a superb day as always and good to escape the commercialisation of Koh Chang for some truly remote spots, nonetheless quite busy between Xmas and New Year.

A day or two later the temperature dropped and it was blowing half a gale. I wondered what the Thaifun did as it was not at anchor. It was in the papers that tourists had to be 'rescued' from Koh Wai as they were stranded there by the high winds. What a place to be stranded.

It's all very beautiful as you can see and here on Koh Chang there's cheese too. I haven't been able to buy chesse for ages as the big Thai supermarkets in Surin don't stock it except by the ton. Here at Anna's supemarket there's quite a good selection. And at Oodie's Place pizzas as well!

Why did I come home? At least it's not for long. Tomorrow I take the overnight bus to Bangkok and on Saturday fly to Phnom Penh. I haven't been to Cambodia for ages and it should be good. There may be a temporary lull but then a torrent of blogs about that too.

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