Friday, 4 January 2008

Long Beach KC

In my previous post, I deplored the poor standard of development on Koh Chang, my favourite island to the east of Bangkok, but perhaps I should now balance this a bit by saying that there are still some beautiful quiet spots to be found.

If when you land at the ferry, instead of turning right you turn left down the eastern side of the island, you will find it undeveloped and beautiful. Mainly coconut, rubber and fruit plantations, it is still much as it should be though there are some nice places you can stay.

If you keep driving and turn left down the long peninsula before Salak Phet you can enjoy many spectacular views before reaching Long Beach. Here you will find the 'Tree House' which is an example of exactly how a tropical beach resort should. Like the first 'Tree House' on Lonely Beach, it is built substantially of wood and bamboo with grass roofs. It blends perfectly with its surroundings and in a few days it could be removed and the environment returned to its original state, a huge contrast to the massive reinforced concrete structures that are being built elsewhere.

The road to Long Beach is a bit challenging, but so much the better as it deters all but the most determined seekers of solitude. I hope this place receives an adequate flow of business though, as unlike the others it deserves to succeed.


thaistory said...

Nice pics! Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

The most fascinating thing you show is the "gate to nowhere!" Can't believe such a thing actually exists.

Anonymous said...

The gate is for the new school that they are building on the hill.