Sunday, 25 May 2008

Oh Blogger!

A bit over a year ago I didn't know what a blog was. Then Philip and Vera visited us in our village eight hours out of Bangkok and the trouble started.

Philip said he could set up a blog for me in a few minutes before dinner and he did. Cat kept calling that the food was ready and I was madly trying to decide what to call the blog and I came up with something pretty silly. Then Vera told me to be careful I didn't get too obsessive about blogging and oh blogger, she was right.

Now the blog's just had a total of 50,000 hits and writing it provoked me into finishing and publishing MY THAI GIRL AND I which is now on Asia Books' bestseller list.

And there's another amazing new listing of blogs about Thailand just come on line. If you go to you'll find THAI GIRL rated in the mid-thirties.

Push me up please! Click on a ten and give me a boost please! Obsession should have its rewards.


Maria said...

You´ve got my vote! :-)
Love from PP

dr.irena said...

sorry i went on a little i just wanted to prove to you that alternative medcines do work.

On my first visit to Thailand in 1985 ui like you found the poverty so hard to deal with an in a small village by tghe cambodian border i gave all my jewellery away to the villagers as i was disgusted with myself for showing such wealth when they were so poor, over the years i have worked helping many orphanages and poor people in Thailand, and on all my visits took medcines walking frames wheelchairs etc., I love the people of Thailand and have great admiration for them, i was in Bangkok IN THE 90's when the Thai bat hit an all time low, and i felt so sorry for the Thais i just bought all sorts of things just to give them money, and i asked a couple of Thais how they felt about this, and usual answer our misfortune, and they just kept smiling, if only we westerners could take a leaf from their book. I related to everything you said about westerners and the Americans because the words you had written i had said many years ago.
i will continue to read your blog, and hope the number reach millions and that you make millions from your books and continue to help your dear Thai relatives and poor people. I continue to support them as much as possible, I am writing this from Turkey where i fell in love with a Kurdish man, and am living a similar life to you in Thailand, but really hoping that i have the guts to come and live in my favorite place in the world, Thailand, I have been very lucky to have travelled extrensively in my life, but no where has captued my heart like Thailand, Hope to be there soon, Dr. Irena Hulson