Friday, 9 May 2008

What Is Matt?

The crowd passes our gate during the Songkhran New Year water festival

Vanity of vanities! This is to tell you two things.

Firstly my new book, MY THAI GIRL AND I is on Asia Books' bestseller list. Amazing!

More importantly, for anyone interested in Thailand there's a great new on-line listing of the top hundred blogs about the Kingdom.

If you go to you'll find them listed on a combination of Page Rank, Technorati (WhatisTechnorati?!) and user votes. (Or click on the link to the right and at his home page click 'Top 100'.)

So if you've enjoyed my blog, please vote for THAI GIRL! Scroll down to find THAI GIRL and click on the fifth star! The traffic on this blog is not massive so, just like Hillary, I need your votes.

Vanities apart, the Top 100 is an excellent listing and I have found some fascinating and useful sites about Thailand that I didn't know existed.

Matt himself is a young Englishman who was working in Bangkok but has now escaped to Phuket where he is a freelance journalist. The byeline on his very popular blog is 'The Lost Boy'. Matt is a fan of the late singer songwriter, Nick Drake. Sometime ago there was a documentary about Nick which was called 'The Lost Boy', hence the name.

Matt was intrigued when I told him that Nick was my childhood friend and that on the new CD of his early recordings called 'Family Tree' one of the essays about Nick in the sleeve notes is by none other than me.


Maria said...

Congratulations! I KNEW that "My Cat and I" was bound to be a success when I read the draft!! I´m so happy for you!!
And just to boost your ego a bit more, I´ve just voted for your blog, too.
Hope all is well and that you´re not too wet and cold... It´s bloody wet here in Phnom Penh, I can tell you for sure.
Lots of love to you and the whole family,

Anonymous said...

Songkran: Is this really just a photo of your jeep?

Thai Girl said...

Hey Anon.
That's exactly what it is.

In the new book my black jeep doesn't come out too well so I'm trying to sell it before anyone reads about its murky past.

So I've had it resprayed silver and fitted a bull bar on the front and there it is in the picture.

Read the book yet? Any offers? It's a great jeep.

Andrew said...

Do you have any pages to share from your book? How do you like Surin? Its one of the poorest parts of Thailand. Where and how did you meet your thai girl? YOur well educated is your Thai girl educated? Poor? Maybe I should get your book! Why did it go to be such a good seller? Do you ever go to Speed disco??

toby said...

Well I suppose I should leave a link here to my website.. sorry for the double post

Thai Girl said...

If you want to have a look at the first few chapters of MY THAI GIRL AND I, you'll find them on

Where did I meet Cat and do I like Surin? Well, you'd better read the book!


pcsolotto said...

Such a nice blog. I hope you will create another post like this.

Stefan said...

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