Monday, 28 July 2008

The Bland Leading the Bland

"Do not turn on men at work" is a never-before-seen verbal banana skin from a secure establishment within the UK. You are the first ever to see it beyond those confines.

The other two are borrowed with thanks from the ocean of laughs that is the internet. Many of these jokes admittedly are a bit bland but then I'm easily led.

Strangely I made a similar joke to the last one in my book. At page 110 of MY THAIGIRL AND I when in London and desperate for the loo upstairs in a department store I'm defeated by a sign saying, 'Dogs must be carried on the escalator',

I encounter another one.

'Customers may use the toilets on the top floor. In the event of emergency please use the stairs'.

Language is such a joy!

PS I managed to post these pics because they are tiny. A mere killer bite or two.

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