Monday, 28 July 2008

Oh Blogger! That's Fishy!

One of the themes of my new book, "MY THAI GIRL AND I' is the cultural isolation of living in a small rice growing village with my wfe Cat, a good nine hours' journey door to door from Bangkok.

In one of the chapters I bemoan the trauma of setting up my main lifelines, namely a satellite internet connection at home and ordering a daily copy of The Bangkok Post, the nearest copies of which are fifty miles away.

I've just got back to the village after some months in England and I'm again hit by the same problems. Cat ordered the newspaper two weeks ago and still they smile and look puzzled when I go into the shop. Maybe it come tomorrow, they say in Thai.

My TOT IPStar satellite internet is still clunking along but is now almost totally unable to attach images to Hotmail and I can't download pics to this blog either. I've tried smaller and smaller images and at last it's managed to swallow this tiny fish at 300 KB. Anything bigger it spits out, angrily displaying that dreaded white screen.

I am distraught as I've got a number of new blogs but I'm not going to post them without the pictures. So what am I to do? Go into a monastery? Become a cow-herd or take to alcohol? Perhaps in consequence I've done one of those already. It's enough to drive me to drink!

Of course there are good things about being here in the village though, and one of them is personally swallowing the three killer bite fish that Cat produced so casually and without apparent effort.

Yes, there are many good things but I need to feed my mind too. I need my newspaper and to be able to take photos and expatiate on line.

Oh Blogger! Who can help me?

It's a bit fishy but as I opened my Blogger account a screen came up saying, "Browser's cooking function is disabled. Please enable Java Script and cookies in order to use Blogger."

Cameras don't lie but computers do. My blog in fact opened despite the warning and I've got this far without enabling anything.

It's very fishy indeed!!

PS After posting this, I've just followed the Blogger Help advice and checked Internet Options... my privacy setting for allowing cookies is set at the correct level. So that can't be the problem.

As I can't attach images to Hotmail either, it must be that my internet connection is just too pathetically slow. In the past it's proved almost impossible to get any service from them and of course they insist that I continue to pay for a sub-standard service. TOT... TIT!


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