Friday, 28 November 2008

You Are Invited!

It's a funny thing writing a book.

You spend years at the keyboard, most of the time spent on the hard slog of rewriting and editing. Then at last it's finished and there's an amazing moment when you hold the first copy in your hands. It's exciting too when you go into a bookshop and it's there on the shelf along with ten thousand other titles. But then nothing more happens. There's an anticlimax, an excruciating silence. It's like dropping a gold coin down a well and you don't even hear a splash.

Yes, MY THAI GIRL AND I has had some nice reviews in the media and I've received lots of emails from people who've enjoyed it which is very gratifying. However,a slim file of clippings and these messages recorded on my Readers Forum (see all I've now got to show for it.

Except one more thing... the launch party. Yes, there's going to be a party in Bangkok. It's next week and you're invited to it. This is my brief moment in the limelight and I genuinely would like you to come along.

It's in the Foreign Correspondents' Club which is an interesting private venue so it's a rare chance to get in for no charge and have a look around. Access is from the Skytrain.

Do come! I'd hate it if nobody comes to my party!

Here are the details.

Book Launch



Andrew Hicks

“How I found a new life in Thailand.”

Venue: The FCCT (Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand)

No cover charge.

Thursday, December 4th at 8.00 pm

About the book...

Thailand offers an enticing haven for European men wanting to retire to a warm and welcoming climate and huge numbers seem to be flocking this way. The food is good, the cost of living reasonable and the ladies really know how to smile. Some of these men succeed in finding happiness but it isn’t always an easy path.

In “MY THAI GIRL AND I”, author Andrew Hicks describes some of the pitfalls of living with a rice farming family in Isaan. Ants eggs for breakfast and toads in the toilet are the least of his troubles and with his energetic young wife, Cat, life is a roller coaster as they deal with the stresses of marriage and the cultural gulf that separates them.

After life as a lawyer and university professor in London, Hong Kong and Singapore, Andrew finds a small village in Surin takes some getting used to. He soon discovers that he’s not only married his wife but her family too and that their collective way of life is in stark contrast to the individuality of the West.

He describes the problems of building a home, of running a thirty year old jeep and most difficult of all, his isolation from his own world; from international news, family, food, language and culture. How can two people of such differing age and experience possibly make a life together?

The story also provides a vehicle for the reader’s observations on the decline of agriculture and the crisis in rural society, on how Buddhism coexists with a belief in the spirits, on alcoholism, accidents, motorcycle maintenance and many things Thai.

“His observations are on sociology text level,” said Bernard Trink reviewing the book in The Bangkok Post, which may or may not be a good recommendation.

Join us at the FCCT and judge for yourself as Andrew presents and reads short extracts from “MY THAI GIRL AND I”.

He will also mention his other new book, Hicks and Goo, CASES AND MATERIALS ON COMPANY LAW which was published this year by Oxford University Press, a tombstone of a book that’s in no need of launching.

Free entry for members and non-members. A bar and full menu are available.

Venue: The FCCT is on the Penthouse floor, MANEEYA CENTRE which is accessible from BTS Skytrain, Chidlom. Follow the FCCT signs down to the lifts at the back of the Maneeya buildings.

Enquiries to FCCT on 02-652-0508

“MY THAI GIRL AND I” is available at Asia Books and Bookazine and all bookshops throughout Thailand. An Asia Books stand will be at the book launch.


FrogBlogger said...

You've picked a great time for it Andrew! There's a wee problem - no flights, and buses all booked up in advance(from Chiang Mai). Let's hope things have sorted themselves out by the middle of the week.

I would love to come, but what with a newborn 'n all ... can't promise anything.

Anyway, it's a great book and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it :-)

Thai Girl said...

Thanks FroggieBloggie,

Maybe there'll be loads of my fans stuck in Bangkok unable to get flights out so they'll just have to come.

It's JK Rowlings I feel sorry for. She's got this new movie coming out and it's clashed with my book launch. You know the one? "Harry Blood and the Half Potty Prince"?

But yes, all the celebrities were coming from all over the world for my thing and if there aren't any there, that'll be why.

That's life, but it beats wiping bottoms any day!


peter lenderink said...

sorry, but i cant make it to bkk

can you hold an autograph session in Khorat?

if not , can i come uninvited to your home ?

Thai Girl said...


About meeting up, one of the nicest things since publishing this book is that several expats within an hour or two of where we live in Sangkha have got in touch. We've corresponded by email and met up. This way I've made some good expat friends, which if you read the book are in short suppy round here.

My email is if you'd like to get in touch.

Korat is about three hours away but a book party there isn't out of the question. Where two or three are gathered together...

Have YOU read the book and can you get your local bookshop to order supplies?

Best wishes,


mike said...

Hi Andrew,

Good luck with the launch tonight. I really enjoyed both books (the Thai ones, haven't read "Gik and who?"). Sorry I won't be there; I will have to wait until your next book launch - when will that be?