Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Repeat After Me... "Prfivsn"!

Bought at the border market... three for ten baht

At the border market at Chong Jom I bought some plastic word charts for teaching English to the children in the village. They were colourful and cheap and they're useful for drilling new words.

'Repeat after me children,' I say. '"Prifvsn". "Moyotnikr".'

Well, anyway you get the picture.

Even if not the word!


FrogBlog - Thaidings said...

That reminds me ... I must book my psddrnhrt plsnr ticket later.

Ever watched any of those pirated dvds, and switched on the English subtitles? I'm intrigued as to how some of these are actually done, as a fair percentage are complete and utter gobbledygook, with absolutely zero resemblance to the original quotes! (I'm a professional interpreter and translator by training, and occasionally despair over the quality/accuracy of even official renderings of original text - such as instruction manuals, etc. Caveat emptor!!)

Geoff said...

well, 17 out ov twenty words correct is a lot better than I usually du...

Thai Girl said...

Thanks Frogblog for the comment.

What I find so funny is the cheap videos of English language movies that inexplicably have subtitles in English... and they bear little resemblance to what the guys are actually saying.

My Thai family a always think I must be mad screaming with laughter at the most dramatic moments


Camille Lemmens said...

A 'psddrnihrt plsner' is also a very useful word in the English language indeed! ;-)

Frogblog, those vdo translations are indeed completely off the wall! Strangely enough, according to my wife, the Thai subtitles in such cases make as little sense as the English ones!