Friday, 29 June 2007

An MGB? That is the Question!

On this blog, while talking about my trip back to England, a number of times I've mentioned my MGB. A couple of people have asked me what an MGB is and, in a state of mild shock, I feel I should therefore bring light to some dark corners of the world. The MGB is one of England's greatest sports cars and I have owned the one shown here since the late eighties. They are cramped, noisy, draughty, smelly cars and not that fast... indeed they are thoroughly English and I love them.

My 'B' was bearing me swiftly through the Wiltshire countryside from Petersfield to Taunton to see Mike and Tamsyn when I saw a dramatic swathe of red poppies betwixt corn and woodland. I screeched to a halt to test my new Olympus digital camera and, I think, came up with at least one decent result. When zooming in on a distant subject, composing carefully and steadily is crucial, but the faintness of the LCD display meant that I just had to click and click blindly, hoping that I'd get something half decent. I also took a shot at the 'B' which was a hell of a lot easier.

These pics cost me a fair bit of money as they meant I couldn't return the camera by availing myself of Jessops' return policy as the camera was no longer in 'unused condition'. Funny that! Can only virgins be virginal?

I hope these pics were worth the expense. I do still have the camera though... at least I did have. Cat's got it now!

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Anonymous said...

Hi again Andrew

Ref your problems with viewing your LCD screen on the new Olympus. One can now buy little pop-up screens which form a 3 sided canopy to attach to the back of the camera, providing better viewing, and protection when closed to the vunerable LCD. If you log on to Ebay and enter, in the Search window, number 230146907706, this is available for ten models of Olympus compacts. Your equivalent in fact to the black cloth of old as per one of your earlier blogs. Hope this helps. I thought your new camera was a Pentax by the way. Is so, you will find lots of similar screens available in the Ebay section, LCD Hoods and Screens, under Photography.

Kind regards