Monday, 25 June 2007

New House, New News

I've just got back to the village after twelve hours on the plane and nine hours overnight on the bus, then followed by a night out watching Thai boxing that got us to bed by two. I suppose it wasn't too bad because by my time clock it wasn't that late. Anyway, I'm old so I should be able to cope with this sort of thing!

The big excitement on my arrival at five in the morning was of course seeing the new wooden house Cat's been building while the mouse was away. It's even bigger than I'd expected and it fills my view as I look out of my window upstairs, sitting at my computer wasting time.

The left side of the building is an old rice barn that Cat bought and had reassembled, then there's a huge verandah we barbecued on last night and three bedrooms beyond. At the far end is a toilet and shower room that's not yet complete. They've been working on it overnight, though I've no idea why as we don't need the new house anyway!

If you've got nothing much to do, you'd better build something. You can't cut down trees like George Washington did as it's illegal and they'd lock you up. Handling new timber is a bit of a problem too and we may yet go to jail. You see, were going to have to buy a load more contraband wood for the porch Cat's going to build across the front elevation to shelter the stairs. She hasn't stopped building yet so we may still need that 'get out of jail card'!


Anonymous said...

Hi again Andrew

The new house is very pretty, and when it has weathered it will look even nicer.

Be careful with your barbecues surrounded by all that timber on the verandah. I think you might consider a clear, fire-retardant paint in some areas. Look at web site, which is an Australian company.

I am surprised that you are still getting away without a high surrounding wall on your property!! The first thing my Thai wife arranged, after having several hundred tons of soil tipped to raise the ground level, was to build an 8 foot high concrete wall enclosing the garden. The next thing was huge sliding ornate gates, quite like an earlier blog of yours. I must admit, when the wall was painted white, it looked great in the tropical sun.

I will certainly look you up the next time I am in the Non din Daeng area, which is where my place is located. Your village must be very remote because it does not appear on any of my large scale maps.

Sorry you didn't manage to exchange you new camera. Jessops have a complete cheek with their so called returns policy.

Kind regards


Anonymous said...

Hi Dad

Glad you got back to the village. It is currently the monsoon in Petersfield, perfect post exam weather (or not.....).

Looking forward to visiting and staying in the mansion.

Say hi to Cat!