Friday, 8 June 2007

Wooden House - The Latest

This is the latest picture of our new wooden house that Cat is having built for us at the bottom of our garden out in the rice fields of Surin province.

You can see the concrete house we built three years ago in the background in the blog below and it's very comfortable. It has only two bedrooms, so now we have another house which'll be useful when we have vistors. On hot steamy nights, a wooden house is much cooler than concrete too, so I can see us sleeping there quite often.

As I'm in England at the moment and won't be flying back for another week, I'm getting impatient and really looking forward to seing it. And to seeing Cat again too!


Anonymous said...

That looks very comfortable house,very cute.

David said...

Thai architecture is wonderful and practical. Questions, why a metal roof, not some other material? Are there panel walls that slide open? Why the raised floor?
I am looking forward to more photos of the house that Cat's building.

thaistory said...

Two house, two worlds: the modern Thailand and the old Siam.