Saturday, 30 June 2007

Mini-Cameras - The Last Rant!

The Japanese are small people which is perhaps why they're so good at miniaturisation. From transistor radios to the Sony Walkman and now digital cameras, they've got putting a quart into a pint pot down to a fine art. But is small always beautiful in all things, as the slower Schumacher (who founded The Soil Association) suggested in his book, so well anticipating the 'sufficiency economy', the new Thai government's controversial economic philosophy. ("Small is Beautiful", E.F Schumacher.)

Yes, I'm talking about my new digital camera again. To make it ever smaller, they've dispensed with a view finder and you need a separate battery charger and card reader. As a result, you have to carry with you a whole bundle of extra rubbish to use the thing.

This picture shows all the stuff my new camera came with which'll have me grumbling until the cows come home. Call that miniaturisation?